Looking for local restaurants is as simple as strolling down the block or getting out your phone book. However, looking for the best local restaurants needs a dedication to do a bit of homework and spend time talking with the locals who eat and live there. 

There are a lot of websites out there dedicated to amateur and professional restaurant reviews in bigger cities. However, it isn’t as simple to look for details on restaurants in out-of-the-way places and smaller towns.  

If you’re trying to look for the best local Sydney restaurants, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 


One website that you can use to look for catering and restaurant details is Chowbaby. You can look for restaurants and read basic details such as the kind of meals served. In addition to that, this website also features nutritional and calorie information for restaurants and fast-food chains.  

Urban Spoon 

Another website that you can visit in Urban Spoon. You can use this website to read reviews by type and location. This is particularly true if you are in a major city. This website also has reviews of restaurants in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They also include professional reviews and local message boards.  


If you’re looking for reviews of restaurants in the United States and other areas, you can visit Zagat. You’re free to read menus and reviews by locals. However, you will have to sign-up for 5$ a month or 25$ a year if you want to get complete details on 40,000 ratings.  


You can look by city at Yelp for restaurant reviews by locals in tons of areas. The website has a blog and also a discussion forum. To have details delivered to your phone, you can download the Yelp app on your mobile device.  


If you want to go the traditional way, you can try checking local newspapers. You shouldn’t limit yourself to the major paper. You can try choosing free and weeklies newspapers. If you want to get tips on dining, you can read the ads. Think about attending a fund-raising event that includes local foods. This includes firehouse chicken dinner or church supper. You can always chat with the locals about great restaurants while you are eating.  


There are a lot of websites out there that collect details about cities. This includes AOL’s City Guide, Yahoo Local, and City Data. When it comes to restaurant suggestions, you can examine the discussion forums.  

City Website 

You can also go online and visit the main website of the city you’re trying to visit. There will often be a dining section and individual restaurants might publish reviews. Links to the restaurants provide you the chance to discover what meals they serve and read their menus.  

Word of Mouth 

Don’t forget to use word of mouth as well. You shouldn’t simply read brochures at the tourist bureau if you are visiting a city. You should try asking the individuals who work there where their favorite restaurant is.