Viruses like COVID-19 are cataclysmal. They are our worst enemy because we can`t see them physically but feel it once we are infected and have the viruses inside our body. This is one of the most challenging problems that all of the family members are facing especially with COVID-19 virus. All of us are knowledgeable enough that this virus and this pandemic kill millions of people all over the world and there are great chances of getting the virus if we will not be careful and follow safety protocols.  

There are different ways on how to avoid viruses like COVID-19. Aside from following safety protocols, one of the most important ways is to filter our air at home using air quality products. Air filters and air quality products give huge impact and effect to viruses like COVID-19. If you are new to this information and wants to know more our team, air conditioning repair Port Charlotte is beyond ready to give you a hand. 

Here`s the different air products and air filters and their effects to viruses like COVID-19: 


(High Efficiency Air Filters) 

This type of filter will help you trap viruses even in small particles. Hospitals are one of the consumers that usually purchased this kind of filter since; it helps them in sanitizing and cleaning the air around them. When we talk about the COVID-19, there are chances that the virus will be trapped on the filters but there are also chances that it will pass given the fact that the size of the virus is very small. However, this might be helpful to you in decreasing the presence of some viruses inside your home aside from COVID-19. 


(Electronic Air Filters) 

This type of air filter contains ozone. This ozone eliminates the presence of viruses, bacteria and other harmful molecules in the air. There different studies that show the effect of ozone in destroying the COVID-19 but still needs further factual bases to release this news in public. 


(Air Scrubbers) 

Air Scrubbers are striking in the market nowadays. It uses a technology that famously called Active Pure that is best in terms of sanitizing and cleaning the air. If you have queries like how this system works, you do not have to worry since our team is beyond ready to answer your question. But here`s a little glimpse on how this work; the different molecules such as oxygen and water will enter the system and turns into oxidizers that will be released into the airstream and will attach on the viruses and bacteria and will eventually destroy them.  

Furthermore, there are maybe numbers of air filter and air quality products that are rampant and trending nowadays but the most important action to avoid any viruses and bacteria at home is to observe proper cleanliness and to maintain a proper hygiene and sanitation. Apart from that, we should also boost our immune system to immediately fight viruses in our body.